CEO of AIG describes how ThinkTank was a “catalyst” for his team

CEO of AIG describes how ThinkTank was a “catalyst” for his team

Peter Hancock, CEO of AIG, has described how he uses ThinkTank software to transform culture and manage change.

Hancock said, “We’ve used ThinkTank consistently for almost five years. It has been instrumental. I see it as a very powerful cataylst for changing cultures.”

Hancock went on to explain how ThinkTank facilitated organic change. Hancock said, “I went on a quest to share in a conversational way our vision, mission and values. I did this in groups of about 30 people all over the world and I used ThinkTank in every one of those sessions. The ThinkTank tool is a way for people to speak truth to power. It is really effective at making everybody feel like they’re being heard.”

“The anonymity feature is a great icebreaker and once you’ve used it and realised that the people in the room may not be as shocked as you thought, then people just start talking directly to each other. Any time you’re doing change management it is a combination of winning people’s hearts and minds. I think that ThinkTank does both.”

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