Clicktale launches world’s first digital experience cloud

Clicktale launches world’s first digital experience cloud

Clicktale, the leader in Experience Analytics, today announced the launch of Clicktale Experience Cloud a new platform to help enterprises answer critical customer questions and improve business outcomes for digital properties. Combining rich online behavioral data, machine learning, data science, advanced cognitive computing and applied psychological research, the Clicktale Experience Cloud enables businesses to tap into the wisdom and behavior of millions of visitors to rapidly understand, quantify, prioritize and innovate superior experiences.

“In today’s world, customer experience is the new currency,” said Tuval Chomut, Clicktale CEO. “The Clicktale Experience Cloud is a game-changer for enterprises, giving clear, actionable direction on every customer challenge and opportunity. This new platform will disrupt the market because our customers will finally have the ability to answer many of the most critical questions facing their digital businesses. This will increase the effectiveness of their sites and apps and drive significant, measurable business results, while improving the satisfaction of their customers.”

The pioneer of Experience Analytics, Clicktale’s solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Adidas, Avis and others to deliver superior experiences on desktop and mobile devices.

Central to the Clicktale Experience Cloud is the Experience Center – the first workspace specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations focused on delivering optimal customer experiences. The Experience Center features powerful capabilities that synthesize Clicktale’s rich behavioral data – millisecond-level in-page interactions such as hovers, scrolls, pinches and zooms – into intuitive visualizations empowering business executives, line of business and product managers, merchandisers, data scientists, analysts and UX professionals across the enterprise. In addition, the Clicktale Experience Cloud introduces sophisticated Path Analytics, enabling the identification and visualization of paths users take online, as well as the quantification of poor experiences into business impact.

The Clicktale Experience Cloud scales to the needs of the largest organizations and features key capabilities including:

–   Capture up to 100% of user experiences across web, mobile web and mobile apps

-  Automatically surface critical business issues and opportunities, as they happen

-  Gain real-time views of experience-related KPIs from one focal point, measured against business goals

-  Drill down into visitor segments within Clicktale Experience Cloud, or import segments from analytics tools such as Adobe or Google Analytics, to uncover outliers affecting page or site KPIs

-  Conduct pathing analyses to identify and quantify specific in-page behaviors that may be inhibiting conversion or engagement

-  Find the best and worst in-page paths and critical junctures leading to or away from success

Clicktale is also announcing the first new application built on the Clicktale Experience Cloud platform – Clicktale Psychological Analytics. Based on proprietary behavioral and psychological models and advanced data science methods, Psychological Analytics enable businesses to understand not only the actions users take, but also their motivations and intent.

“Regardless of a visitor’s previous buying patterns,” Chomut explained, “it is possible to sense whether he or she is goal-oriented, browsing, disoriented, or exhibiting a different mindset, or even if a particular page on your site changes the visitor’s cognitive orientation negatively or positively. This is just one way the Clicktale Experience Cloud is using cognitive computing and proprietary scientific research to identify entirely new types of insights for our customers.”

The Clicktale Experience Cloud includes built-in integrations with other ecosystem tools and solutions, as well as APIs and SDKs for bi-directional sharing of Clicktale’s unique behavioral data and metrics with other solutions across the enterprise.

All of the Clicktale Experience Cloud capabilities are integrated with Clicktale’s best-in-class visualizations, including heatmaps and session replays.

Over a dozen of the world’s largest retailers and financial services organizations have taken part in the early access program for the Clicktale Experience Cloud. The solution will be generally available in April 2017.