Forescout announces integration with Splunk

Forescout announces integration with Splunk

Forescout has announced an integration with Splunk, which will bring a new level of security visibility to Internet of Things devices.

The new tool dubbed The ForeScout Extended Module for Splunk, allows two-way communication between the ForeScout CounterACT tool and Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Enterprise Security (Splunk ES) — with the goal of finding issues faster in order to minimize possible damage.

ForeScout helps companies detect Internet of Things devices on their networks. Splunk provides much broader security visibility across the enterprise through its logging tools. The companies aim by working together, is to shine a light on IoT security issues before they become a problem.

While that’s the goal of every security tool, ForeScout believes that by working together with Splunk, and sharing information, the two tools can help break down the security information silo problem, ForeScout CMO Rob Greer explained.

“The typical enterprise uses scores of security platforms and software suites. The problem is that many don’t share information between them. Enterprises need to remove these data silos in order to get real insight into their operations,” he said.

“By using ForeScout and Splunk together, users can track network traffic, operational intelligence and user behavior analytics simultaneously, delivering a single source of actionable information,” he added.

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